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Electro-optical sub-systems

With its ability and expertise in precision assembly in a clean-room environment, the quality of its production infrastructure and the availability of specific clean rooms, ADR is positioned as a key partner for the integration of demanding and high-technology sub-systems.

ADR’s additional skills, such as its project management capacity, complex product industrialisation know-how, experience of production management integrating an extensive parts lists, and its technology-transfer expertise, mean that its industrial approach is sustainable and efficient.

ADR has already proven its capacity in the integration area, of which the following are just a few examples:

  • assembly of bearings on castings for electro-optic balls;
  • assembly of complex sub-systems for defence & security applications integrating motor, reducer, electronics, sensors, wiring…;
  • assembly of inertia units.


Management of obsolescence

In partnership with ATOB (, sister company in the ALCEN group, ADR is working on an activity to manage industrial obsolescence.

This activity is dedicated to the prevention and remediation of mechanical, micromechanical and mechatronic product obsolescence. ATOB is specialised in research and the reverse engineering of parts having the same physical and functional characteristics as OEM parts but which are no longer available on the market.

ATOB supports its customers at an early stage by providing obsolescence advice and monitoring, with ADR acting as the industrial arm ensuring the long-term supply of such replacement products.