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Integrated bearings

Integrated design

Bearing integration allows:

  • an improvement in the rotational and guidance precision;
  • a reduction of dispersion;
  • an improvement of repetitiveness (preload and torque);
  • an improvement of stiffness factors depending on the design chosen;
  • a reduction of rejects.

Thanks to:

  • a reduction in the number of components;
  • a reduction in dimensions and mass;
  • an adjusted and applied hard preload;
  • an increase in capacities and stiffness;
  • an ease of assembly ("cartridge type" bearing);
  • an increased reliability of integration in the system.


Integrated bearings

Super duplex bearings, with an integrated hard preload, offer improved overall performance for rotating systems. Its rotational precision is achieved thanks to its double-groove outer ring design, which limits the geometrical defects and reduces torque.

There is a standard ADR series known as KADV. These bearings are available in back-to-back configuration with centred inner rings allowing a very high load-bearing capacity and increasing angular stiffness.

Its hard preload applied with screws makes it possible to guarantee the repetitiveness of this parameter from one bearing to another and a provides complete control over the desired stiffness performance.

The preload value will be determined by the loads placed on the bearing.


Specific design

Special bearings are designed to meet precisely all application’s specific requirements.

The bearings can be specially made, from a dimensional point of view, to meet defined cases of load, stiffness and dimension. They may also be specific in terms of material (hybrid ceramic ball bearings for example).

They can be integrated within the functions as a way of simplifying the final assembly and reducing the geometrical dispersion of the assembly as well as minimising the number of interfaces.

These solutions make it possible to improve the rotational precision and the overall torque of the system.

An axial positioning dimension between two mechanical parts can be ensured through design and production.