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High precision ball bearings

Integrated bearings

The super duplex bearings with an integrated hard preload improve the overall performance of a rotating system. Rotation precision is obtained thanks to its design with a double-groove outer ring, which keeps geometrical defects to a minimum and reduces torque.

There is a standard ADR series known as KADV. These bearings are available in back-to-back configuration with centred inner rings allowing a very high load-bearing capacity and increasing angular stiffness.

Its hard preload applied with screws makes it possible to guarantee the repetitiveness of this parameter from one bearing to another and provides complete control over the desired stiffness performance.

The preload value will be determined by the loads placed on the bearing.


Thin-section bearings

ADR has mastered this special technology since the 1960s, making it one of the world leaders. The dimensional range extends up to external diameters of 330 mm with ultra-thin sections.
The thin-section bearings are available in different series with constant sections.

These pairs have also been designed in a super duplex version, where one of the rings is a double-groove monoblock. This configuration improves the rotational precision and friction torque thanks to the limitation of alignment defects between the two raceways at the assembly stage, and the increase of angular stiffness by increasing bearing rigidity.

The operational capacity is improved, performance is better and service life longer. The width of super duplex bearings is generally lower than a pair of thin-section bearings (so-called Duplex bearings).


Miniature bearings

A world leader, ADR has been manufacturing and selling miniature bearings since 1938. The dimensional range starts at a bore of 1 mm.

Depending on their size, ADR bearings fall within clearly defined referential series. However, because ADR works to order and specification, any geometrical configuration is possible.