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Defence & Security

Airborne electro-optical systems

With its considerable historical experience in the airborne electro-optical systems market ADR can develop and provide special tried and tested solutions to meet the requirements for system stability, repeatability and cleanliness.

ADR is particularly familiar with sealing requirements and thermal performance demands, integrating in particular the delicate balance between frictional torque and stiffness.

The technical solutions offered address the aims of these applications for size and weight reduction, whilst at the same time achieving exceptional levels of performance.


Terrestrial sights

For several decades, ADR has been designing and producing technical solutions which are suitable for the stability, repeatability and cleanliness requirements of these systems.

The experience acquired within these special application areas means that we are able to adapt the internal geometrical characteristics of products, and therefore, in particular, increase the capacities of bearings of identical size, thus meeting the need to cope with significant loads, vibrations and impacts.

Furthermore, ADR takes into consideration the needs for sealing and reliable performance when faced with temperature gradients.


Electro-Optical Naval Systems

At the cutting-edge of technologies used in thie electro-optical naval systems market, ADR provides dedicated solutions to meet acquisition and aiming requirements in a salty environment.

ADR possesses proven expertise allowing it to combine the needs of constant-rotation acquisition or small-oscillation aiming in an aggressive environment with the aim of achieving long service life and reduced maintenance.


Missile auto-guidance systems

With its dedicated experience in the missile auto-guidance systems market, ADR has for 80 years been developing and providing specific solutions to meet the precision, stability, cleanliness and durability requirements of these systems, making ADR the world expert in this sector.

Thanks to its extensive experience and unique knowledge of these activities, ADR is the leading player in this highly technical field.



Acknowledged as the expert in the gyroscopes market, ADR designs specific solutions to meet the speed, precision, stability, cleanliness and durability requirements of these systems.

Thanks to its highly developed skills in tribology and lubricant and solvent chemistry, ADR is able to offer a unique level of expertise in the field.


Cryogenic pumps

Drawing on its expertise in tribology, super finishing and cleanliness, ADR is the preferred partner for equipment requiring particularly low vibration and noise levels, in particular in the case of cryogenic pumps.