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Civil and scientific


ADR’s expertise in demanding environments allows it to offer appropriate solutions of proven capability for applications such as:

  • medical scanners: with bearings that can withstand high temperatures and high vacuum;
  • robotic equipment used in MRI systems: by using non-magnetic and medically compatible solutions.


Turbo molecular pumps

The surface treatments and super finishing operations applied to all the components of the bearings and their assembly in a clean room (class 100 to 100,000) make ADR products especially suited to systems requiring particularly low vibration and noise levels, such as turbomolecular pumps.


Civil nuclear

ADR’s expertise in extreme and demanding environments allows it to offer solutions of proven capability for numerous civil nuclear applications.

ADR is thus able to guide in choice of materials, lubricants and design as a function of the prevailing environment: radiation, water, acid… and the required performance level: speed, reliability, service life, maintainability… for the different mechanisms.


Research and large scientific machines

The know-how and experience acquired by ADR in the area of mechanisms operating in extreme environments with very demanding performance requirements in related fields: space, optical, high speed, nuclear… make ADR a preferred partner for all special mechanisms linked to scientific development.

Partnerships with other companies from the ALCEN Group and the strengthening of new business activities (such as precision actuators) means that ADR is able to offer suitable opto- or electro-magnetic specifications.